Medi Hospital Butler Donning Aid

$ 95.00
SKU: 90003

Medi hospital butler donning aid for use in day-to- day hospital care and in the operating room

  • Adjustable diameter with hard, paint finish coating.
  • Designed for donning compression stockings and sleeves on a passive or supine patient.

Simple donning

1. By lifting the locking device the diameter of the medi Hospitalbut- ler can be adjusted so that it can be pulled up over the patient’s ankle, or calf if necessary, without contact.

2. The topband is gathered up over the stirrup and the stocking pulled up.

3. The stocking is pulled up until the colour mark appears at the upper edge of the stirrup.

4. The medi Hospitalbutler is pushed up over the ankle and – if possible – up to below the patient’s knee. The medi Hospitalbutler is pulled off downwards and the stocking pulled up to the inguinal fold.

5. The tension determines the length of the stocking.