ErgoPad Run & Walk Foot Orthotics

  • ErgoPad Run & Walk Foot Orthotics
  • ErgoPad Run & Walk
  • ErgoPad Run & Walk
  • ErgoPad Run & Walk
  • ErgoPad Run & Walk
  • ErgoPad Run & Walk

Running, hiking and walking are popular leisure activities. And they all have one thing in common: they place a strain on the foot, particularly as it hits the ground and during the push-off phase. Thanks to its cushioning, the ErgoPad run & walk foot orthosis really helps soften these kinds of impact in the forefoot and hindfoot area. This makes things much more comfortable for the wearer, while the flexible weightflex® core provides gentle support for the foot arches and thereby improves the natural dynamics of the foot when walking and running.

    1. Cushioning – softens impact as the heel hits the ground and the toes push off
    2. weightflex technology – supports the natural movement of the feet in motion
    3. Moderate heel cup – gently cradles the heel and provides excellent guidance for the foot
    4. Proprioceptive spots – stimulate the foot muscles and improve motor function
    5. Antibacterial top cover – inhibits odors
    Greater comfort over long distances
    Running, hiking and walking are typically associated with regular and repeated stance and swing phases combined with occasional sideway movements. This linear movement pattern places a strain on the forefoot and hindfoot area, particularly over longer distances: chronic heel and ankle pain and problems affecting the Achilles tendon and shin bone are common consequences. The ErgoPad run & walk counteracts these kinds of excessive strain through targeted cushioning of the area around the ball of the foot and the heel. This makes things much more comfortable for the wearer, particularly over long distances.

    A helping hand for feet
    The weightflex-X orthotic core is made from two different types of solid plastic. The combination of these plastic elements with the X shape makes the core stable and very flexible at the same time. This enables the orthosis to support the foot arches without restricting the foot's natural movement. There is less strain on the supporting foot muscles and they tire less easily. In addition, proprioceptive spots stimulate the muscles and improve motor performance.

    A great fit for all sports shoes and hiking boots
    The orthotic core is coated in durable soft foam made of polyurethane. Despite the slim design, the material has very good shock-absorbing qualities. Because it is so thin, the ErgoPad® run & walk fits most sports shoes and hiking boots.