Circaid Juxta-Fit Essentials Lower Legging

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Circaid Juxta-Fit Essentials Lower Legging - Short (28 cm) / Small is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Providing the same great support of the Juxta-Fit™ Premium and with an expected lifespan of 6-months, Juxta-Fit™ Essentials garments are an economical alternative for patients with moderate to severe lower leg Lymphedema. Instantly adjustable inelastic bands make this garment easy to apply, remove and target specific areas as needed throughout the period of wear. Each Juxta-Fit™ system includes a user-friendly BPS™ guide card with multiple compression ranges for quickly and accurately verifying the application of prescribed compression levels. Available in two standard lengths, 28cm and 36cm, and eight standard sizes with three full calf options, the Juxta-Fit™ Essentials Lower Legging provides leg coverage from the ankle to the knee and is covered by a six month limited warranty.

Indications: Lymphedema, other forms of Edema: Venous, Post Traumatic, Post Surgical, "Lipedema", Varicose Veins (all types), Chronic Venous Insufficiency ("CVI"), Venous Stasis Disease, Venous Valvular Insufficiency ("VVI"), Venous Insufficiency, Post Thrombotic Syndrome, Venous Ulcer (Stasis Ulcer), Angiodysplasia, Post Sclerotherapy, Thrombosis Prevention, Venous Eczema, Lipodermatosclerosis


  • Built-In Pressure System™ (BPS™) ensures compression levels
  • Cool, light-weight, Breathe-O-Prene® material
  • Patented Juxta-Lock™ Band System for easy application
  • Anti-odor SILVERtec™ lining
  • Controlled bandwidth gradient compression
  • Limited linear stretch material hugs limb
  • Machine washable
  • Expanded size range includes three full calf options
  • Economical alternative for Juxta-Fit™ Premium lower legging
  • Six Month Warranty

Band System - Juxta™ System: Juxta-Lock™ with Bandwidth Gradient Control
Compression - 20-30mmHg, 30-50mmHg or 50+mmHg; Set to Prescribed Level or Firm and Comfortable
Static Stiffness Index -14 mmHg (pressure drop from standing to laying down)
Period of Wear - Daytime/Nighttime
Manufacturers Warranty - Six Months
Legging Components - Nylon, Polyurethane, Spandex, Silver
Label Components - Polyvinyl Chloride Plastisol or Satin Acetate

Decreased or absent sensation in the leg, Sensitivity to product components

Severe Peripheral Arterial Disease, Decompensated Congestive Heart Failure, Septic Phlebitis, Phlegmasia Cerula Dolens, Allergy to compression material, Moderate peripheral arterial disease, Infection in the leg

Packaging Include
One compression legging, one BPS™ card, one pair of Comfort Footless Leg Liners™,one pair of Comfort Compression Anklets™, one Comfort Power Added Compression™ (PAC) Band, one black Comfort CoverUp

Measurements are accurate. When on borderline between sizes, consider amount of edema present & anticipated reduction. If significant edema is present and reduction is anticipated, select smaller size; if edema is minimal, select larger size. If measurements do NOT fall within any [one] size category, please call for the Juxta-Fit custom measuring chart.