MedaFit Thigh High (TH) Lymphedema Garment

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MedaFit Thigh High (TH) Lymphedema Garment - Small / Short 61-71 / Right is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Medical Solutions for Lymphedema, other forms of chronic edema. The MedaFit™ brand is the only compression garment that has replaceable parts. The foam insert and straps can be replaced when worn out.

  • 30–40mmHg of gradient, inelastic compression
  • Highly adjustable compression system
  • Outer shell fabric is very durable, and provides firm containment
  • Inner WAVEFOAM liner creates high-low pressure ridges to promote lymph drainage
  • COMPREBOOT PLUS features chipped foam liner
  • Replaceable straps (call Customer Care for details) and foamliner extend garment life
  • Safe for day or night
  • Easy care - machine wash and dry
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

    INDICATIONS: Stage II or III chronic Lymphedema; Chronic Venous Insufficiency; Post-surgical edema

    INCLUDES: 1 MEDAFIT TH garment; Pair of non-compressive cotton liners; 1 COMPREBOOT PLUS

    WAVEFOAM LINER: The inner foam liner is constructed with WaveFoam. High-low pressure ridges help facilitate  lymph movement.

    COMPREBOOT PLUS: Firm compression with inner chipped foam liner, adjustable straps and gripper patches for added traction