Neck ChipPad Mandible Pad

$ 180.00
SKU: Mandible-S

Neck ChipPad Mandible Pad - Small is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • Provides 15–25mmHg of mild compression for the neck and lower face
  • Conforming design and materials ensure a comfortable fit
  • Easily adjustable straps wrap around the top and back of head, and feature durable, medical grade hook and loop material
  • Easy care - machine wash and dry
  • For use day or night
  • Four-way stretch fabric contains moisture- wicking, odor control properties
  • Latex-free


INDICATIONS: Stage I or II Lymphedema; Post-surgical edema


ONE PIECE GARMENT: The NECK & MANDIBLE PAD is a one piece garment that provides soft, mild compression to the lower face and neck. Straps located at the top of the head and behind the neck secure the garment in place. The straps feature a high quality, medical grade hook and loop fabric, and allow for some adjustability.