Walker Boot Seamless socks w/ X-static® Silver

$ 19.90
SKU: 73624

The SmartKnit Boot Interface offers unique protection specifically for the walking boot environment and associated longer wear times. Patients love the way SmartKnit® socks feel on their feet! Antimicrobial. X-static® silver fibers assist in inhibiting odor in the sock.

Moisture Management. The x-static fibers wick moisture away from the wearer’s feet and legs, keeping them drier, healthier and more comfortable.

Form-fitting. “Core-Spun” yarns provide the unique ability to conform to the anatomy, reducing the risks from pressure-causing wrinkles. Each knee-length sock features a heel pocket design to ensure a fit with less slipping on the foot.

Seamfree. Made the same way that a caterpillar spins its cocoon—starting at the toe and circling its way to the top resulting in a seam-free sock.