Elasto-Gel Sterile Wound Dressings (Without Tape) , 5/Box

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SKU: DR8200

Elasto-Gel Sterile Wound Dressings (Without Tape) , 5/Box - DR8200 - 2x3 - 5cmx7.5 cm is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Elasto-Gel™ is a unique patented bacteriostatic highly absorbent wound dressing that provides fast and comfortable dressing changes (due to its mildly adhesive properties). Elasto-Gel™will not dry out or stick to the wound.

Bacteriostatic: Elasto-Gel™ has been shown to be bacteriostatic and to reduce the level of bacteria compared to other wound dressings. It has also shown inhibition of growth of five (5) major problem microbes, which are Pseudomonas A., MRSA, Staphylococcus a., E. coli, and Streptococcus p., in appropriate agar medium. In addition, J. Vandeputte and Hoekstra have shown that bacterial growth is essentially eliminated when dressings were changed on a regular basis.

Highly Absorbent: Independent laboratory studies have shown that Elasto-Gel™ absorbs 3.5 times more exudate at 24 hours than commonly recognized high absorbent dressings. Elasto-Gel™ may be used in place of hydrocolloids, hydrogels and membrane dressings. Elasto-Gel™ will not replace alginates when quick absorption is indicated. Elasto-Gel™ absorbs exudate, protects the wound, promotes a moist wound environment, will not macerate healthy skin, and never dries out. Elasto-Gel™ Wound Dressings

Direction for use

  • Select the appropriate size dressing
  • Prepare the wound site by cleaning as needed and remove the dressing from the package.
  • The dressing should extend 2.5cm to 5cm or 25% beyond the wound opening.
  • The dressing may be cut to the proper size with scissors. Leave the clear plastic film on gel whilecutting the dressing.
  • Remove the clear plastic film and apply the exposed gel directly on the wound. DO NOT remove the white fabric backing.
  • Secure the dressing in place with: tape, elastic wrap, gauze wrap, stretch netting, etc.
  • Check the wound as needed. The dressing may remain on the wound if it is not saturated with exudate.
  • Change the dressing when it is saturated with exudate


  • The dressing must be protected from water or moisture.
  • Consult a physician if signs of infection occur: fever, swelling, pain, etc.