Actimove® FKB Step Thru - Standard

  • Double hinged FKB Knee Brace
  • Actimove_FKB-Step-Thru_Standard
  • Actimove_FKB-Step-Thru_Standard
  • Actimove® FKB Step Thru

Double hinged FKB Knee Brace for the protection of the MCL and LCL with posterior calf cuff. Low profile, lightweight, posterior ligament brace.

The Actimove® FKB Factional Knee Braces are designed to protect and stabilize the knee ligaments while providing comfort, flexibility and confidence. The anatomical curved form and the aerospace grade aluminum frame with low-profile design offer high patient comfort.

Suggested HCPCS Code: L1845 / K0902

Choosing The Correct Size

Measure 6" below kneecap (A), Mid-patella (B) and 6" above patella (C)

Anatomically Precise Hinges
Enhance ease of movement and suspension.

Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Strong yet low profile frame provides superior protection.

Posterior Calf Cuff
Reduces tibia pressure.

Anterior Tibial Cuff.
Curved to comfortably fit tibial crest without pressure and provide stability to the knee.