Actimove® OA Knee Brace Single Upright - Universal

  • Actimove-OA-Knee-Brace
  • OA Knee Brace Single Upright - Universal

Lightweight and low-profile, the Actimove® OA Knee Brace Single Upright provides the perfect balance between structural correction and patient compliance. The Q-Hinge's adjustable corrective mechanism with three points of leverage reduces pressure in the affected compartment and is adjustable for every patient's needs. An unique buckle system makes it easy to tighten the straps, which ensures a right fit and quick application.

HCPCS L1843 / K0901

Laterally Applied Frame and Hinge

Corrects either medial or lateral compartment and avoids contralateral limb contact during gait.

Q-Hinge Technology

Changes the overall valgus/varus angle of the brace for optimal correction leverage. This provides ability to fine tune the corrective forces during fitting based on a patient's pathology and tolerance for a compliant clinical effect.

Set-Fit Buckle System

This unique system eliminates the need of adjustments each time the brace is applied and removed.