Biacare ChipSleeve - BK

  • Biacare ChipSleeve - BK
  • Biacare ChipSleeve - BK

The ChipSleeve™ Knee High features open cell, chipped foam in channel formation to massage fibrotic tissue and facilitate drainage of interstitial lymph fluid. The moisture wicking fabric has unique stretch characteristics to provide form fitting comfort. The OverSleeve™ (included) offers moderate, gradient compression.

Product Features

  • 15-25 mmHg with OverSleeve™ (included)
  • Open cell foam chips provide massaging effect on superficial lymphatics, helping to soften fibrotic areas
  • Directional channels facilitate efficient drainage of lymph fluid
  • Conforming design and materials to ensure proper fit and promotes compliance
  • Can be used as a bandage liner, or compression garment for edema, lymphedema, post-operative swelling, and mild fibrosis
  • Moisture wicking, anti-odor, soil release fabric
  • Features thumb & lateral shoulder rise
  • Available in standard or custom sizes
  • Latex free