Drop Foot Plastic AFO Brace L1930

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Lightweight foot drop splint, constructed from an injection-molded polypropylene, features a variable thickness design for added strength, with thinner areas at the front of the foot plate to allow for easy trimming, giving patients a custom fit

Suggested HCPCS Code: L1930


Peroneal paralysis
Acquired deformity of the foot and ankle
Post-operative Achilles treatment

Injection molded polypropylene
Varying thickness for added strength
Trimmable footplate

    CK-335-3-L     Medium Left (10.5" splint height)
    CK-335-3-R     Medium Right (10.5" splint height)
    CK-335-4-L     Large Left (11.5" splint height)
    CK-335-4-R     Large Right (11.5" splint height)