Elasto-Gel Pack, Hot or Cold Therapy

  • Elasto-Gel Pack,  Hot or Cold Therapy
  • Elasto-Gel Pack,  Hot or Cold Therapy

The Elasto-Gel™ packs vary slightly from the “family of products” as the gel is enclosed in a urethane material. These packs were originally designed for the professional clinical setting when hot water baths were the only source of warming the product. The outside cover must be removed before submerging into water. Due to the urethane cover, a damp cloth must be placed between the patient and the product to provide moist heat.

It has been reported that some users, especially in the home setting, prefer to use a microwave for heating. This can be accomplished by carefully removing the urethane material. If this method is preferred, do not submerge the product into water or use a damp cloth between user and product. The gel will produce moist heat or soothing cold without having the urethane cover. See additional product insert for directions for use.

The ideal hot/cold therapy
The Elasto-Gel Pack can be used for either hot or cold therapy. The pack will provide a dry heat therapy, due to the plastic cover on the gel; however, wet towels may be used underneath the packs to provide a moist heat. The product will hold the heat or cold for 20-40 minutes.

A specially formulated gel
This product is made with Elasto-Gel, a patented* gel with exceptional properties for transferring heat or soothing cold. If puncture occurs, the pack will not leak but use with wet towels should be discontinued.


Store the pack in the freezer for a minimum of two (2) hours. It may be left in the freezer indefinitely until ready to use. It will remain flexible and does not get hard even at -20°F (-30° C). Note: Always store product in plastic bag while in freezer.

The most convenient method of heating the pack is in a microwave oven. Suggested heating times: 600-700 watt microwave: 30-45 Seconds per side, 1100 watt: 30 Seconds per side.
Note: all microwaves vary in heating and may have “hot spots”. Be cautious when heating.
Wait one minute (60 seconds) before use. The pack should feel WARM to the touch, NOT HOT. Hold the pack firmly against the skin for 30 seconds before re-heating*. If the pack is not warm enough, heat in 15 second increments and rotate the product each time.
The packs can also be heated in a conventional oven at 250°F for 10-15 minutes. Place pack on cookie sheet or baking dish. The outside cover can be removed and the pack can also be heated in a water bath for 10-15 minutes.

Remove the outside cover and hand wash in cold water and mild soap. Hang up to dry. Wipe the inside plastic bladder with a damp cloth using mild soap or disinfectant.

*CAUTION: DO NOT OVERHEAT!! Overheating the product can cause the plastic cover to melt. Due to the nature of the gel, it may only feel warm to the touch, but if the pack has been overheated, too much heat may be transferred to the body and can cause burns.