ErgoPad Ball & Racket Foot Orthotics

  • ErgoPad Ball & Racket
  • ErgoPad Ball & Racket
  • ErgoPad Ball & Racket
  • ErgoPad Ball & Racket
  • ErgoPad Ball & Racket

The ErgoPad® ball & racket orthopedic orthosis has been specially developed for match sports and racket sports such as basketball, handball, tennis and squash. It relieves the foot and ankle during the quick stops and turns. Its innovative weightflex® core provides gentle support for the foot arches and promotes the natural heel-to-toe movement of the foot. The polyurethane soft foam that is kind to skin makes it particularly thin, yet it still acts as an effective shock absorber. 

  1. Heel cup – provides stability when moving sideways and starting and stopping
  2. Weightflex® technology – supports the natural movement of the feet
  3. Sensorimotor spots – stimulate the foot muscles
  4. Antibacterial top cover – inhibits odors
  5. Toe bank – relieves the Achilles tendon and enhances the contact surface of the feet

Optimum stability for the feet during quick changes of direction

Quick stops and turns are typical of indoor and ball sports. However, this means hard work for the feet and the associated joints. The ErgoPad® ball & racket sports orthosis provides relief for this: its heel cup stabilizes the hindfoot and ankle. Small spots also stimulate the foot muscles, thus improving motor skills. The toe bank stretches the small toes, preventing them from getting cramp and increasing contact between the foot and shoe.

Flexible yet stable: the orthotic core

The innovative weightflex X synthetic core is made up of two plastics with different levels of firmness. The combination of these plastic elements with the X shape makes the core stable and flexible at the same time. This enables it to support the foot arches without restricting the foot's natural movement.

Fits into most sports shoes

Thanks to the PU soft foam's thin finish, the ErgoPad® ball & racket has a reduced construction height and therefore fits into most shoes for ball sports and indoor sports.