ErgoPad Ski & Skate Foot Orthotics

  • ErgoPad Ski & Skate
  • ErgoPad Ski & Skate
  • ErgoPad Ski & Skate
  • ErgoPad Ski & Skate

Alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey – many winter sports force the feet into a static position. Tilting to the side and changing pressure loads also put strain on the feet and joints. The ErgoPad ski & skate winter sports foot orthosis is specially designed to cope with these loads and support typical movement patterns.

  1. Heel cup – provides stability when tilting sideways
  2. Weightflex® technology – supports the natural movement of the feet
  3. Sensorimotor spots – stimulate the foot muscles
  4. Breathable top cover – insulates against cold
  5. Toe bank – relieves the Achilles tendon and enhances the contact surface of the feet

Innovative technology for better control
This sports orthosis is adapted to the load and movement patterns involved in sport with sideward stopping and accelerating movements, with additional support and durable shock absorbing functions. The orthosis can be thermally molded.

Foot Orthosis for Winter Sports
It fits into a wide range of winter sports shoes and therefore comfortable to wear for Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross-Country, Ice Skating or Ice Hockey.