igli Comfort Foot Insoles

  • igli Comfort Foot Insoles
  • igli Comfort Foot Insoles
  • igli Comfort Foot Insoles
  • igli Comfort Foot Insoles

Comfortable cradling and active promotion of the circulation.

The skeletal and muscular situation in our feet changes as we grow older. The elasticity and the body's own mechanisms for damping ground strike forces weaken.
igli Comfort has been developed for feet with a higher need for comfort and for specific activation. It offers a particularly soft foot bed for the whole foot. This reduces the forces that act on the foot, knee, hip and back. Due to the sensorimotor stimulation of specific regions on the sole of the foot, muscles are activated and movements are positively influenced.
The friction naps specifically promote the circulation of blood in the foot.


  • redistributes pressure
  • spares joints
  • friction naps promote the circulation

The comfortable insole with additional soft cushioning

  • Comfortably cushions the foot and distributes the pressure over the entire step-on area.
  • Friction nubs promote blood flow in the foot.
  • Supports the arch of the foot and provides individual correction of the foot position.
  • Specific activation of the muscles ensures sustained and successful therapy.
  • Influences joint position, muscle tone and posture.


Use for: a versatile insole for at work, sports and everyday living