igli Hardboot Sport Insoles

  • igli Hardboot
  • igli Hardboot Sport Insoles
  • igli Hardboot Sport Insoles
  • igli Hardboot Sport Insoles

The igli carbon insole ensures a better power transmission and more comfort in winter sports.

The foot and the calf are held tightly in the ski boot while skiing and often spend hours in the same position. The long and the short foot muscles are never moved and the foot starts to burn or even goes to sleep.

The stresses on the forefoot and the heel are particularly high during downhill skiing and pressure peaks may occur. Such local pressure for hours on end often causes pain.
The carbon bar supports the foot and - due to its flexibility and the torsion incisions - ensures more mobility for the foot.
The posts enable our igli experts to adapt the insole exactly to the boot and the foot's individual needs, and to realign the foot.

Mode of action

The cradle form of the igli Hardboot gives the heel the necessary hold and thus ensures the optimum position of the foot and power transmission from the foot to the ski.

The flexible carbon bar embeds the foot anatomically and allows all biomechanical movement patterns to enable and support all the necessary minimum movements in the ski boot.

With the help of the posts, the insole specifically stimulates and activates different muscle groups. This can stimulate the circulation to the muscles of the feet and support the forces required by the kinetic muscle chain to stabilise the knee joint. This guides the knee better when skiing in tight curves and prevents possible injuries.

The sports insole for hard-shell shoes and rigid footwear

  • Reduces pressure points using integrated soft pads on the front and rear of the foot.
  • A feeling of numbness or sensation of the foot “falling asleep” is prevented by the shape and material selection, despite the limited space for movement within the shoe.
  • Optimizes power transfer to the shoe.
  • Relieves the base of the fifth metatarsal bone.