igli Slim Sport Insoles

  • igli Slim
  • igli Slim Sport Insoles
  • igli Slim Sport Insoles
  • igli Slim Sport Insoles

Prevent over-strain injuries and improve co-ordination.

Football puts a particular strain on the joints, tendons and ligaments. Movements such as stops, rapid changes of direction and kicking stresses place special demands on footwear and insoles.
The igli Slim is particularly narrow, light and thin for use in football boots. Due to the use of carbon the foot is dynamically supported, even in the smallest possible space. The insole is customized individually to the foot and the shoe to help avoid over-strain problems and injuries. Specifically mounted posts reinforce self-perception of the body and have a corrective, positive influence on joint position, muscle tone and body posture.


  • redistributes pressure
  • helps avoid injuries
  • specifically stimulates the musculature by sensorimotor input
  • enables individual correction of the position of the foot in pronation / supination

The particularly narrow insole for slim footwear

  • Helps prevent injuries and disorders due to improper stressing of the feet.
  • The slim form of the carbon clip and the thin EVA material enable use in narrow shoes.
  • Due to the short carbon clip, the joint of the big toe is not constrained, permitting better rolling off. Simultaneously, the insole allows for torsional movements and does not affect the mobility of the foot.

Use for: football, running sports (spikes)