Ketonox Ketone urinalysis test strips

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Ketone urinalysis test strips packaged in multiple resealable packs for the detection of ketones in the urine. First of its kind packaging enables superior test reliability and a longer shelf life for keto dieters as well as diabetic patients.

Ketonox (KETOnes + diagNOX) is a premium brand of ketone urine dipstick test from Diagnox. The test measures the presence and concentration of ketones in the urine with clinical-level accuracy.

This product is not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of a disease or condition. The product is not a substitute for professional medical advice, clinical diagnosis, or treatment.

A urine ketone test can help to give indications of an individual’s metabolic state (i.e., how the body converts food/nutrients into energy). The presence of ketones in the body can mean very different things to people with different conditions.

Ketonox ketone test strips can be used to track low-carb/high-fat diets as well as monitor signs of insufficient insulin levels for diabetes. A ketone urine test is a standard procedure used by physicians and clinicians in professional settings, and can equally be used at homes for a quick, reliable, and cost-e­ffective way to monitor ketone levels in urine.

What makes Ketonox special is one-of-its-kind unique packaging. Unlike conventional products that expire within a few days after they are opened, multiple resealable pouches off­er an extended shelf life, convenient handling, and easy storage so that you get a reliable test result every time.

Premium packaging in sealed pouches enables a shelf life of up to 2 years from the manufacturing date. Conventional dipstick packaging in spin-top bottles is prone to reduced reliability once the bottle is opened and severely limits the usability time window. The result is that all strips from a spin-top bottle have to be used within 30-60 days after the bottle has been opened.

The unique packaging of urine strips by Diagnox ensures equal test reliability of every strip, longer shelf-life, convenient storage, portability for travel, and peace of mind with your testing needs.

Ketonox test strips are packaged in resealable pouches in packs of 10. Each box contains 10 resealable pouches, effectively providing 100 tests in a box. Once a pouch is opened, strips in that pouch can be used in 60 days and the pouch can be re-sealed (like a ziplock). Unopened pouches can be used for as long as 2 years from the manufacture date. This unique packaging ensures reliable testing every time.

Ketonox urine dipstick test is easy to use and delivers results within 40 seconds with clinical-grade accuracy. The reagent composition of ketone strips is exactly the same as used in professional and medical-grade urine tests. The reliability and accuracy of tests are backed by clinical studies.

The Ketonox mobile app for iPhones and Android devices is a free cloud-based ketone-related urinalysis management tool to record, monitor, visualize, and share your ketone test data.

The app is packed with innovative features to smartly monitor your records, analyze trends and learn about test parameters as they relate to your unique health goals. Empower yourself by taking charge of your health with a smarter way to keto tracking with the Ketonox App.