ManuLoc long wrist support

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ManuLoc® long Orthosis for increased stabilization of the wrist

ManuLoc long is the long version of ManuLoc. It stabilizes the wrist and parts of the forearm in cases of severe pain, profound contusion, and after surgery, once the plaster cast has been removed. Three anatomically exact, pre-shaped aluminum stays immobilize the wrist in a functional position and relieve strain. They extend well up the forearm and reliably restrict stretching, bending and rotating movements in the hand. Inappropriate mechanical stress is prevented, and functional therapy can be started sooner. The large thumb opening of the orthosis and free movement for the fingers allow controlled grasping movements to maintain the mobility of the hand, while keeping the wrist securely immobilized. . ManuLoc long can be opened completely with four large Velcro fastenings, and is easy to put on and take off with one hand. It's very practical structure supports all therapy requirements, including wound check and physiotherapeutic exercises. The orthosis is breathable, very lightweight, and is available as a universal model for the right or left hand.

Support and mobility
This stabilizing orthosis supports the wrist without preventing everyday actions. Following bruising or a sprain, it protects and supports the hand while the irritation subsides. It is designed to provide the necessary support while allowing freedom of movement for the fingers. The orthosis can be worn on the right wrist or the left.

Good for your skin and your hand
The materials and design of the ManuLoc® orthosis are intended to speed up healing of the affected wrist, without restricting movement unnecessarily. It is very easy to put on and take off. You are prevented from making movements that could cause pain, but your hand can still grip things. Moisture can pass through the breathable fabric, so perspiration does not accumulate under the orthosis.


Fractures (in proximity to a joint)
Carpal tunnel syndrome (mild)

Code L3908 Approved*
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