SecuTec Omo Shoulder Support

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SecuTec® Omo Functional stabilizing, immobilization of the shoulder joint.

Whether post-operative for shoulder injuries or the implantation of a prosthesis or post-traumatic after a dislocated shoulder, the SecuTec Omo stabilizing orthosis secures and relieves the injured joint and reduces pain.

Two adjustable settings:

  • Abduction up to 60°
  • Inward and outward rotation can be regulated at the touch of a button
  • Two adjustable settings

The SecuTec Omo stabilizing orthosis secures and relieves the shoulder following trauma or surgery. To relieve the tendinous bands, the shoulder joint can be immobilized in any abduction position.

The special feature of the SecuTec Omo is a multifunctional joint with two settings that enables the orthosis to be adjusted, so the arm can be positioned in accordance with the indications.

The abduction angle can be adjusted independently up to 60°. The arm can be rotated inward and/or outward regardless of the selected angle and can be regulated easily at the touch of a button. The rotation can also be limited if necessary. 

High level of comfort No shoulder strap is required to wear the SecuTec Omo because the arm support is supported by the pelvic frame.

This avoids incorrect posture and the related tension that occurs in the healthy shoulder. The angle of the pelvic frame can be adjusted to ensure that the orthosis fits the patient's body shape perfectly.