SinuStar Nasal Aerosol Delivery System

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Designed for intranasal delivery of aerosol medication.

The Clinical Best in Aerosol Delivery Pari SinuStar™ is specifically designed for nasal and intranasal delivery of aerosol. Pari SinuStar™ directs aerosol toward the upper airway and produces small particles that can easily navigate the nasal cavity.

SinuStar™ Particle Size Analysis1

Mass Median Diameter (MMD) = 2.9 µm
Total Output Rate (TOR) = .180 ml/min
Percentage under 5 µm = 79 %
Average Treatment Time = 12-14 mins

1Measured with Malvern Spraytec at 42% Relative Humidity, 0.9% NaCl Solution, inspiratory flow 4-6lpm, 23°, fill volume 2.5ml. December 2005.