Step-Free Ankle Stabilizer

  • Step-Free Ankle Stabilizer - Wealcan
  • Step-Free Ankle Stabilizer - Wealcan

Step-Free-Ankle-Stabilizer, Integrated Auto-Pulse Air Compression for All Day Comfort and Pain Relief !!!

The New Step-Free-Ankle-Stabilizer easily slips inside the shoe for support, and natural stretch. With each heel strike, interconnected air cells apply an alternating stream of pneumatic compression to the foot arch and back of the heel.

The Auto-Air Pulse System Delivers Massage-Like Compression for Effective All Day comfort !!!!!

  • Easy and Comfortable Fit 
  • ​Effective Natural Stretch
  • Massage-Like Compression


Size Chart

Small Medium Large
Men 6-7 - Women 4.5-8.5  Men 7.5-11 Women 8.5-12.5 Men 11.5+  Women 13+