Stimulen Collagen Gel Tube

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Stimulen Collagen Gel Tube - 1/2 oz tube (15 gram) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Collagen Gel 1/2 oz tube (15 gram)

A gel formulated to produce a highly concentrated dispersion of modified collagen. This gel provides a method to apply these collagens to wounds when it is difficult to apply the powder, such as a leg in a vertical position or the bottom of the foot. It can also be used to fill a cavity wound. 
Cover the gel and wound area with an appropriate secondary dressing. We recommend that you use Elasto-Gel™ wound dressings. Elasto-Gel™ gel dressings contain high levels of glycerine and have been shown to exhibit bacteriostatic properties.

The Stimulen family of collagen products are all comprised of specially prepared polypeptides and modified collagen. The products form a protective gel on the wound bed. This gel protects new cells and tissue from dehydration. All forms provide a moist environment to promote rapid healing. All show moderate absorption and are non-adherent to the wound bed.

Direction for use

Tubes: Before use-remove cap and peel off the safety seal
Packets: Tear corner off of the packet where packet is indented

1. Cleanse the wound using standard protocol
2. Apply a generous coating of the collagen gel to the wound site or fill the wound cavity.
3. Cover the wound bed and Stimulen™ collagen gel with a non-adherent secondary dressing* and secure with tape or appropriate covering.
4. Change the secondary dressing* and re-apply Stimulen™ collagen gel daily or as needed. 

* We recommend Elastogel™ wound dressings.