Stimulen Medical Collagen

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Stimulen Medical Collagen individual Packet (single use) or 2 oz lotion bottle choice.

This product is a thixotropic liquid that will form a gel when kept undisturbed for several hours at temperatures below 72°F(21°C). It fluidizes (becomes liquid) immediately with agitation or at slightly higher temperatures or when applied to the skin. It is designed to moisturize and condition the skin. It may improve skin problems, such as skin rash or irritation caused by various diseases or exposure to various chemicals, soaps and detergents, microbes, or other common problems -- dry hands, feet and elbows, althetes foot, jock itch, etc. It may be used to soften the skin that may be causing wrinkles, calluses, and corns. It may be effective for improving scar remodeling.

The Stimulen family of collagen products are all comprised of specially prepared polypeptides and modified collagen. The products form a protective gel on the wound bed. This gel protects new cells and tissue from dehydration. All forms provide a moist environment to promote rapid healing. All show moderate absorption and are non-adherent to the wound bed.

Direction for use

Tubes : Before use-remove cap and peel off the safety seal
Packets : Tear corner off of the packet where packet is indented

1. Cleanse the wound using standard protocol
2. Apply 2 to 4 drops of the lotion and spread evenly over the affected area.
3. Reapply as needed