TruStretch Equinus Brace L4396

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Thoughtful Design. Effective Results. TruStretch Equinus Brace for adult and Pediatric

Designed to address the insufficiencies of alternative methods to treat equinus, The Equinus Brace® offers a patient-friendly solution that provides effective relief without compromising patient comfort and care.

Easy to use at home while drinking a cup of coffee or at work while you sit at your desk.

Used by professional athletes, dancers, and medical professionals around the world.

Unique Above the Knee Extension

The Equinus Brace® is the only brace specifically made for equinus that extends above the knee, maintaining the knee in full extension while dorsiflexing the ankle.
The Equinus brace has ankle joint hinges for gradual and safe strethcing.


Dorsiflexion & Plantar Flexion

Ankle joint hinges in 10° increments allow for precise, gradual, and safe stretching while preventing over-stretching, thereby providing more consistent and measurable results.

Patented 60° Toe Wedge

The Equinus Brace® comes with a patented 60° toe wedge that engages the Windlass mechanism supinating the subtalar joint, thereby isolating the dorsiflexion force to the hindfoot - while removing it from the midtarsal joints. Additionally, supination of the subtalar joint externally rotates the tibia, which is essential to fully extend the knee (screw home mechanism).

Our patented toe wedges helps to engage the windlass mechanism which helps to fully extend the knee. Adjustable sizing and strapping allows for a truly customized fit.

Adjustable Sizing

With two sizes, adjustable length, and an abundance of straps - The Equinus Brace® provides a truly custom fit and superior comfort for your patient.

Your ONE Solution to Many Lower Extremity Problems

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