Urinox Ten Parameters Urinalysis Test Strips (30 Packs)

$ 14.00
SKU: Urinox10-30

10 Parameter Urinalysis Reagent Strips - Individually packed with desiccant (LEU, NIT, URO, BIL, PRO, PH, KET, GLU, BLO, SG)

Urinalysis can assist in diagnosis and monitoring of many metabolic or systemic diseases that can go unnoticed because they haven’t produced striking signs or symptoms yet.

Going to a medical professional for a Urinalysis test every time you think you have some issue can be very expensive and time consuming. Also many of the existing urinalysis products for home use either lacks professional-level accuracy, are difficult to use and interpret, or have a brief shelf life of 60 days once opened.

Urinox-10 Urinalysis Test strips by DIAGNOX® provides you accurate measurement of most critical parameters, that can help in general monitoring of your health as well as detection of a broad spectrum of abnormalities.

  • Professional grade strips to monitor your health from the convenience of your home
  • Designed for both laboratory and point-of-care (in-home) use by professionals and non-professionals alike.
  • Clinically tested for highly accurate and reliable results
  • Easy to use and interpret. Rapid response results within 2 minutes.
  • Premium quality individual wrapping for each strip ensures easy handling, long term reliability, and on-the-go testing.
  • Makes it easy to keep track of your health, even when you are traveling and away from home.
  • “URINOX” free mobile app (Google Play Store) enables you to easily enter, store and track your urinalysis data. You can view the data in graphical form and share it with your medical professional if required.
  • 30 individually wrapped strips are packed in one box to save the cost for frequent users.