ViscoHeel K. Heel Wedge (Pair)

  • Bauerfeind Heel Wedge ViscoHeel K
  • ViscoHeel K
  • ViscoHeel K
  • ViscoHeel K

Bauerfeind Heel Wedge ViscoHeel K Varus or valgus alignment of the heel

ViscoHeel is suitable for reducing shock loads on the ankle, knee and hip joints, for example in the case of osteoarthritis of the foot, knee or hip joints, endoprostheses, pain in the Achilles tendon region (achillodynia) and Haglund's deformity ("pump bump"). In the ViscoHeel K variant, an additional lateral raising of the heel cushion counteracts varus or valgus alignment (bow-leggedness or knock-knees).


  • Gentle on your skin
  • Non-slip
  • Durable


    A bed for your heel
    ViscoHeel in the shoe cushions your every step. It thus provides protection for joints and the spine. Pressure discomfort under the heel is also reduced. The anatomically contoured heel cushion made of high-quality silicon relieves muscles and tendons in the calves and provides some relief in cases of Haglund's deformity. When worn in just one shoe,ViscoHeel can also equalize leg length differences of up to 10 mm.

    Durable and gentle on your skin
    Only a few heel cushions can withstand daily use over long periods. ViscoHeel is made of high-quality silicon and is gentle on your skin, easy to clean and, thanks to modern production techniques, particularly durable. It sits under your heel day with every step without slipping.