Vyaire Misty Max Nebulizer w Swivel Mouthpiece - 7' Oxygen Tubing

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SKU: FN2438
Misty Fast SVN with baffled tee swivel mouthpiece, 6" flextube and 7' O2 tubing
  • Fast treatment times
  • High percentage of respirable particles • Low residual volume
  • Consistent and reliable performance

Delivering fast and effective treatment, more efficiently. Accommodating all types of patients in all types of situations. These were the forces behind the development of the Misty Max 10 nebulizer. Featuring a new type of jet design, the Misty Max 10 nebulizer can speed up treatment and help ensure consistent medication delivery while offering you more flexibility in treatment options.

Nebulizer is available preassembled and fits virtually all common masks and adapters. All oxygen tubing is crush- resistant. Recommended for single patient use. The one- piece jet design and single-thread top connection make the unit easy to disassemble and reassemble.