Wealcan Flat Foot Orthotic w/Medial Forefoot Wedge

$ 45.00
SKU: PD02-35

Vegan Leather Heat Moldable Flat Foot Orthotic with extended medial forefoot wedge to help support the ankle and control over pronation from mid-stance to toe-off

Heat Moldable plastic shell
Super Breathable Vegan Leather top keeps your feet dry
High-rebound EVA provides extra cushion 
Extended medial forefoot wedge, provide stabilization and support of the big toe and the longitudinal arch


  • Elongated core with medial forefoot wedge with medial forefoot wedge to help support the ankle & control over pronation.
  • Helps relief and support the the big toe (Hallux Limitus/ Rigidus)
  • Elongated core for stabilization of the metatarsophalangeal join
  • Stabilization of the Foot and ankle through a controlled rolling movement