Wealcan Reverse Mortons Extension Foot Orthotics w/Met. Pad

$ 45.00
SKU: PD01R-35

Breathable Micro-Leather Heat Moldable Foot Orthotics with metatarsal support and elongated core (Reverse Morton's Extension) with Lateral forefoot wedge to help support the ankle and control supination from mid-stance to toe-off

Heat Moldable plastic shell
Transversal arch support ( Metatarsal pad)
Breathable Micro-Leather top keeps feet dry
High-rebound EVA provides extra cushion 
Stabilization and support of the Lateral longitudinal & Anterior transverse arch


  • Stabilization of the Foot and ankle through a controlled rolling movement
  • Helps as a conservative treatment for Pain in Patients With Medial Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Elongated core with lateral forefoot wedge to help support the ankle and  control supination