Versa-Fit Wrist Brace

$ 22.00
SKU: 59072-2
The Versa offers optimal support and immobilization while allowing unrestricted motion of the hand and thumb. Versa-Fit™ Flex Panel automatically adjusts, allowing one size to fit nearly all patients.
  • Standard size fits virtually all patients. 
  • Flex Panel allows for off-the-shelf custom fit. 
  • Cut low at the palmar crease to allow for 90-degree MP flexion. 
  • Reduces the need for inventory space. 
  • Auto-lock strap system secures fit and sizing. 
  • Triangular Versa-Fit panel automatically expands accommodates extended girth and sizing unique patient anatomy sizing and fit, providing functional support for the wrist and thumb.


  • X-Small up to 6.25″ RIGHT HAND 59072-2 LEFT HAND 58072-2
  • Standard 6.25″-9″ RIGHT HAND 59075-2 LEFT HAND 58075-2
  • X-Large 9″ and up RIGHT HAND 59078-2 LEFT HAND 58078-2