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Wealcan, we are an independent distributor of high quality medical equipment, supplies and orthotics, including compression therapy, lymph edema supplies, orthopedic supports, braces and pedorthic services. Dedicated to providing solutions for kids, adults, athletes, healthcare professionals, government agencies, and many more nationwide.

We have built our reputation not only on innovative products, but also on strong customer service and solid personal relationships, while continually improving services for our customer base.

Wealcan Llc represents some of the most recognized manufacturers in the world. Thousands of satisfied customers all over the country have used Wealcan Llc and all the services we offer.


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Non–Elastic Lymphedema Compression Legging System

Non–Elastic Lymphedema Comp...

September 15, 2016

Premium Line Garments for the Treatment of Lymphedema and Venous Disease - The Non–Elastic Compression Legging System, An easy alternative...

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