Benik G-Tube Protective Belt

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G-Tube Protective Belt provides comfortable coverage, care and protection of a Gastrostomy feeding tube (G-Tube) button, while allowing convenient access.

The JA-10G G-Tube protective Belt was created in collaboration with occupational therapist, Josh Adler, OTR/L, of Norfolk, Virginia.

Custom Size & Colors Available "On request"

The neoprene belt wraps around the waist of the wearer and is fastened by a Velcro® tab. The access hole of the belt is positioned over the G-Tube button. A neoprene flap attached by Velcro® covers the g-tube button, which can be removed to access the G-Tube without removing the entire belt. Non-slip material surrounding the access hole and along both strap ends help keep the belt in place.

For added protection, a black-colored, plastic turtle shell is included with each belt to cover the access hole and provide a rigid cover to the button site. 

The turtle shell is also available in each belt color. Contact us for more info on the color-matched option.

The G-Tube Protective Belt is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to wear, helps to conceal the G-Tube and protects the G-Tube from being disturbed. The JA-10G G-Tube Protective Belt is also suitable for the protection of Cecostomy tubes, per-cutaneous endoscopic Gastrostomy tubes (PEG-Tube) and Gastrostomy jejunostomy tubes (GJ-Tube).

G-Tube Holder: Available as an option to secure long tubes.

As with all Benik products, the G-Tube Protective Belt is NOT made with natural rubber latex.