Custom Flat Knit - Lower Extremity

$ 197.00
SKU: ElvarexLE-13

JOBST® Elvarex® lower extremity custom-made flat knit garments are the gold standard in lymph edema management. From gloves, to foot caps, sleeves to pantyhose, JOBST® Elvarex® provides trusted compression with comfortable wear.

  • Excellent breath-ability for comfort and patient compliance
  • Flat-knit structure bridges skin folds instead of working into them
  • Latex core allows garment to return to original shape for extended wear
  • Functional zones at elbow, ankle, knee and hip improve comfort
  • Six compression classes for optimal therapeutic outcomes
  • Vast product assortment covers a diverse range of specifications and requirements of patients

     Additional information:

    For AT - Pantyhose Please select 2 Thigh high garments (AG) and 1 Pressure panty.

    For AG-HT - Pantyhose 1 1/2 Leg. Please select 1 Thigh high garment (AG), 1 Pressure panty and one Leg extension.