Farrow wrap Classic Footpiece

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Farrow wrap® Classic Footpiece

The original Farrow Wrap® material. Clinically proven on many thousands of patients worldwide
A gold standard for control of stubborn edema, lymph-edema
Resists rolling or popping into skin folds
Hand wash and lay flat to dry

How it Works

  1. A Farrow Wrap short-stretch garment provides a wider range of compression than traditional garments. It provides steady and comfortable resting compression, but higher working compression when patient is active.
  2. Enhances the leg’s natural muscle pump when the limb is active.
  3. Safer and smarter compression provides more compression when needed and less when it is not.

Short-Stretch Technology

  • allows us to provide more reliable and predictable compression levels*
  • allows us to create products with different compression levels at end-stretch
  • provides superior augmentation of the body’s natural muscle pump action
  • allows us to minimize swelling throughout the day once garment is donned
  • provides higher compression when the patient stands or is active, and less when they are less active or at rest
  • maximizes calf-muscle function*