ManuTrain wrist support

$ 129.00
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ManuTrain® Active support for strain relief and stabilization of the wrist

In cases of tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon in the wrist), arthritis of the wrist or following injury, ManuTrain® takes the strain off your wrist and provide pain relief. To do this, the flexible Train® active knitted fabric compressive inserts incorporated in it, taking pressure off nerves and blood vessels and relieving pain. An inner stay and an elastic strap stabilize the wrist, reducing irritation.

  • Helps to relieve pain
  • Relieves strain and stabilizes during movement
  • Individually adjustable stabilization

Help on hand
The anatomically shaped active support ManuTrain® supports, stabilizes and massages providing proper pain relief. Its three-dimensional knit adapts to the body, does not slip and boosts the circulation. Two pads remove the pressure from nerves and blood vessels. The adaptable stay can be added for a greater stabilizing effect.

Outstanding in form and function
In 2007, the Train® active supports were awarded the iF product design award for their materials and design. The breathable, skin-friendly knitted fabric adapts to your every movement, without cutting into you or slipping. This is why the material is softer and more elastic at the edge of the support. In this way, ManuTrain® promotes healing and mobility in the hand.

Arthralgia (degenerative, rheumatic, reactive)
Feeling of instability (e.g. radioulnar subluxation)


  1. Seamless knit between thumb and index finger enables you to grip objects without irritation – enables you to grip objects without irritation
  2. Breathable materials – for optimal wearing comfort
  3. Three-dimensional Train active knit – for a perfect fit
  4. Wrist strap – für zusätzliche Stabilisierung
  5. Viscoelastic support pads – support and provide pressure relief for the wrist, nerves and vessels and accelerate absorption of edema and effusion
  6. Adjustable inner hand stay – for stabilization suitable for the indication
  7. Reduced pressure at the edges – prevents constriction