Multipurpose Flip Pillow 10 Different Uses from One Pillow

$ 48.00
SKU: 30-601R
The "Flip" design is perfect for all ages and makes a great gift. It allows for total comfort and support of upper body, legs and head. This soft bed wedge pillow arranges in multiple positions to support neck, shoulders, and lumbar region, as well as knees and legs.

  • Ten support positions with one pillow!
  • Versatile bed & lounge pillow supports from head to toe.
  • Hypo-allergenic specialty fiber fill to provide long lasting support.
  • Perfect alternative to bulky foam back support wedges.
  • Easy to merchandise.

  • Offering the comfort of a pillow with the support of a wedge
  • Unique "FLIP Design" allows for total comfort and support for your upper body and legs
  • Helps to align your neck shoulders and lumbar region when used as a back support cushion
  • Versatile comfort and support day and night
  • Machine washable, custom fit pillow cases are available in three classic colors: White, Beige & Navy