Night Splint Boot - L4396

$ 40.00
SKU: 24-086
  • Ventilated, lightweight medical grade plastic shell configuration
  • Adjustable, non elastic resistant straps allow continuous calm stretching protocols
  • Open cell foam liner is washable and semi­permeable to eliminate excessive heat absorption
  • Comfortable, non-irritable strap pads help protect against discomfort on boney anatomy
  • Easy to use, convenient center release buckles
  • Non-slip outer sole
  • Standard sizes (based on patient’s shoe size)


Instructions For Use

  1. Undo all buckle closures and place foot in splint with knee in flexed position to achieve the desired degree of dorsiflexion.
  2. Attach the ankle strap. Adjust the length of the contact closure strap until comfortable. Do not over tighten straps. If numbness, tingling, or other discomfort is experienced, loosen straps until comfortable and contact your medical professional.
  3.  Attach the foot strap. Adjust the length of the contact closure strap until comfortable.
  4. Extend the knee to check the tightness of the ankle and foot straps. Adjust contact closure strap as needed. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.
  5. Dorsiflexion assist straps may be gradually adjusted to increase or decrease foot angle. Incremental adjustment may be necessary if discomfort is experienced. 

NOTE: Do not walk while wearing splint.

Washing Instruction

The soft-goods may be cleaned at any time using a mild detergent and cold water. Do not squeeze or twist dry the soft-goods. Do not wash in washing machine or tumble dry.