Nu-Form Versa-Fit Thumb Spica

$ 40.00
SKU: 50072 – 5
Nuform Versa Thumb Spica It features our Versa-Fit Flex Panel that automatically adjusts to the patients anatomy upon application. As each strap is applied, the components move in unison, giving the patient a perfect fit.
  • New design provides superior stability and comfort 
  • Minimize moisture and dirt retention 
  • The standard size custom fits to virtually 100% of your patients 
  • Easy customization of radial ray and palmer stay 
  •  Effective long-term immobilization and protection 
  • Comfortably Immobilizes the wrist while allowing full motion of hand & fingers 
  • Comfortable design and materials for patient compliance 
  • Allows for 90° MP range of motion