PQ Heat Moldable Butterfly Insoles (1 Pair)

$ 37.00
SKU: 1297-B1

Double flanged insoles form an arch cradle. 1/4” thick for depth type shoes.

3 Ib. Density Pink Plastazote Covers (polyethylene foam).  It is recommended for ulcerated and very sensitive feet..

Butterfly wings feather into medial and lateral arch areas to cushion and protect the Navicular and Cuboid. The total thickness of the insole at ball of foot under met heads is 1/4”. Trim only the forefoot. Use old insoles as patterns.Butterflies fit up to EEE widths. Never trim heel or wings.

Enjoy foot comfort supreme.
PQ insoles literally float the patient, eliminating pressure points and high pressure areas. The plastazote foam covers take permanent impressions of the patient’s foot. The Viscoelastic polymer underliners act as shock absorbers, absorbing and dissipating shock and shear. PQ emits a pleasant fragrance and does not support fungus or bacterial growth.