Protect Epico ROM Post-Op Elbow Brace

$ 199.90
SKU: 99350

Post-Op Range of motion Elbow Brace


  • Conservative care of elbow instabilities, with or without other injuries.
  • Orthotic care for medial or lateral epicondyle fractures.
  • Postoperative care after prosthesis implantation.
  • Postoperative care after elbow stabilization
  • Functional follow-up treatment for stable fractures
  • Passive mobilization after elbow arthrolysis
  • Postoperative care of elbow ligament instabilities

Mode of Action

  • Immobilization and stabilization of elbow joint
  • Flexion and extension limitation can be set in steps of 10° from 0° to 120°
  • Movement restriction orthosis for early functional treatment


  • Open and flat-frame construction
  • Total weight of only 400g
  • Adjustable length handle
  • Malleable frame
  • Comfortable shoulder strap included
  • Latex-free breathable open cell foam padding
  • Easy to adjust QuickSet hinge
  • Safety cover protects hinge ROM settings
  • Low-profile flat hinge
  • 30% lighter than previous version


L3760 -  L3761