CoolXChange Instant Ice Wrap Blue - Regular 3 x 47 In

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CoolXChange 2in1 Compression and Cooling Ice Wrap is a common first aid treatment for muscle sprains and strains, provides advanced recovery for pain and inflammation.

CoolXChange Instant Ice Wrap is ready to use with no refrigeration required and cools for up to 2 hours. Simply wrap this innovative new bandage on the affected area for instant compression and cooling.

How CoolXchange Works?

CoolXChange is an innovative gel bandage with advance R.C.I.E (Rest, Ice, Compression , Elevation) methodology by combining the cooling and compression stages, providing a convenient and affective 2 in 1 solution for pain relief.

CoolXChange transfers heat energy out via evaporation, while the gel bandage provides compression and cooling to minimize swelling.

  • Use anymore, anytime no refrigeration required
  • Works immediately 
  • Can be worn continuously and comfortably for extended periods, no ice burns
  • Self-adhesive
  • No mess, no smell
  • Reseal and re-use

Size Regular may be suitable for ankle, foot, wrist, elbow and fingers.

Size Large may be suitable for knee, thigh, groin, hamstring or shoulder.