Lumin Mask & Accessories Cleaner Disinfectant

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SKU: LM3000

The first UV CPAP and accessory cleaning device. The Lumin uses UVC light technology to clean products fast and effectively without relying on harmful ozone.

The easiest and fastest way to disinfect a CPAP mask, accessories and most household Objects Lumin works with a disinfection cycle time off only 5 minutes, no harmful ozone, and a 99.9%; kill rate for harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus.

Quick Sanitizer: It can also sanitizes any item that fits in the drawer.

  • Laboratory tested efficacy
  • Ozone FREE
  • One touch 5 minute disinfection
  • Kills 99% of harmful bacteria
  • Useful forhousehold Objects
  • No wait time