MalleoLoc® L Lateral Stabilization of the Ankle

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MalleoLoc® L Lateral Stabilization of the Ankle - Universal / Right is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Stabilizes the foot in the shoe and provides lateral protection against sprains, without restricting the foot‘s normal heel-to-toe movement.

The L shell sits in front of the talus bone and prevents talar shift.
The plantar pad (optional) can be individually positioned. It stimulates the dorsiflexor muscles for additional active stabilization.
Excellent wearing comfort with soft microfiber cushioning
Low profile design fits in sports and business shoes
On size fits all
Code L1902* PDAC verified

* Suggested codes are based on PDAC coding verified as of 01/20. It is the responsibility of the provider to deter mine the appropriate billing code, as well as, whether the use of a product complies with medical necessity and other documentation requirements of the payer.


Polyketone (PK)
Polyamide (PA)
Polyurethane (PUR)
Polyester (PES)
Cotton (CO)
Elastane (EL)