Mediven Harmony Arm Sleeve w/ Top Band

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Mediven Harmony Arm Sleeve w/ Top Band - 20-30 mmHg / Black / 1 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Mediven® Harmony innovative RAL round knit armsleeve.

Mediven harmony is the latest armsleeve range from medi. It raises the standard for circular knit armsleeves with a perfect balance between efficacy and comfort. It is knitted to stringent RAL quality standard to ensure accurate graduated compression.

mediven harmony is a unique fabric that is soft to touch, clinically effective and easy to apply. It features a new design that incorporates a double ellipse - one in the crease and one on the point of the elbow - for maximum patient comfort.


For treatment in primary and secondary lymphoedema (ISL stages 1 & 2) of the arm with permanent or partial oedema of the hand. Post-operative and post-traumatic oedema and burns therapy.


  • Wide variety of off-the-shelf styles
  • 8 off-the-shelf sizes plus 8 extra wide variants
  • Double ellipse offers improved freedom of movement
  • Seamless, soft and attractive fibre offering a perfect fit
  • The skin feels comfortable all year round with Clima Comfort
  • Guaranteed for 6 months of normal daily wear
  • Suitable for machine washing and tumble drying
  • Latex-free
  • RAL compression classes 20-30mmHg - 30-40mmHg


LENGTH: Standard - less then 17 1/4" (44 cm) - Long - 17 1/4" (44 cm) and over