PQ Star Pattern Heel Pads 1 (Pair)

  • PQ Star Pattern pads
  • PQ Star Pattern cushion gel pads

PQ Gel Dissipates Shock & Shear Horizontally Not Vertically Into Legs and Back. When compressed with foot/body force, each star spreads in five directions to harmlessly dissipate SHOCK and SHEAR forces.

Star Heel Pad with cover. Full 1/4” of PQ Viscoelastic Polymer PLUS 1/16” raised STAR field. Gentle balance tapered to forward pad edge. 

Available in small, medium and large. 1 pair.


Size Men's Wommen's
Small 5-6 4.5 - 8.5
Medium 6.5 - 8.5  9-12
Large 9+ 13+