Vaginox VpH All-in-one Test Kit

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At-home test kit for a quick, reliable, and cost-effective way to determine vaginal pH level. All-in-one test kit assists in monitoring the vaginal pH balance as it relates to bacterial, parasitical, and yeast infection.

Vaginox VpH test by Diagnox measures the acidity of the vaginal discharge on the pH scale. A balanced pH environment is important for preventing infections, healthy pregnancies, hormonal balance, and overall health. An imbalance in vaginal pH is liked to higher risk for infection.

This product is not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of a disease or condition. The product is not a substitute for professional medical advice, clinical diagnosis, or treatment.

Vaginox VpH is the only feminine pH kit in the market which includes individually packaged test strips as well as medical-grade sterile collection swabs in a single kit at a cost-effective price.

Each Vaginox VpH test is individually packaged in sealed medical-grade pouches. Individual packaging of each test not only extends the shelf life of the product but also prevents strips from environmental factors, such as exposure to humidity/light. Conventional products packaging in spin-top bottles are prone to reduced reliability once the bottle is opened and severely limits the usability time window.

Unique individual packaging of each test from Diagnox ensures equal test reliability of every test, longer shelf-life, convenient storage, portability for travel, and peace of mind with your testing needs.

Vaginox VpH test is easy to use and delivers results within 30 seconds with clinical-grade accuracy. It is the same test used in clinics and hospitals for vaginal screening.